Gantry cranes for sea and river ports - design differences

Seaports cannot do without efficient lifting systems. The grab crane is best suited for port loading / unloading operations. With its help, it is allowed to move loads up to 25 tons in weight.

The best harbor grabs

You can use, for example, to move goods system “Aist”. The designated multifunctional grapple unit is powered by the supplied electrical system.

Arrow length indicators

When choosing a crane for a port, the maximum length of the outreach is taken into account. Limit indicators – from 15 m to 40 m. But more often mechanisms are involved, the boom reach of which has an indicator of 30 m.

Crane gauge gauges

This important parameter is directly dependent on the number of railway tracks that are crossed by the portal. Designers strive to develop and install systems of this type in ports so that they can provide a constant load capacity on all departures.

Here are the main types of portals:

  • one-, two-, three-way;
  • L-shaped semi-portals (such systems are installed if there is a demand for their operation)

L-shaped options have the difference that the horizontal frame on one side sets the emphasis on the undercarriages. These trolleys move along crane rails. And the marked rails are laid:

  • on flyovers;
  • on the supporting structures of cordon warehouses.
Lifting mechanisms for river ports: which one is the most effective

At river ports, embankments are often sloping. Then the semi-portals gain the ability to move along the rails, which were stacked at several levels. The design takes on the designated features in order to bring the axis of rotation of the crane as close as possible to the vessel. Then there are no difficulties with unloading the vessel.

The flood season is coming. The water level rises, the railway line is flooded with water. However, this seasonal trouble does not affect the operation of the undercarriages. Their movement is carried out along the lower rail, that is, actually under water.

The three-way crane has a complex structure. It acquires the ability to serve large areas. At the same time, the construction of crane runways will be quite expensive. So before installing these transfer cranes, it will be necessary to calculate how long the payback period of the project will be.