Motors, controllers and phase rings

Electric motors of the ARRK and SMH series are used in the lifting, turning and outreach mechanisms of the Sokol, Condor, Albatross and Albrecht portal cranes.

Phase ring current collectors are used to transmit an electrical circuit between rotating and fixed parts of engines.

Electric motor ARRK 354-8

Electric motor SMH 180

Electric motor SMH 160

Electric motor SMH 200

Phase ring Е160х90-3

Phase ring Е140х80-3

Phase ring Н300-0

Command controllers p/c "Sokol"

TOV NVP “Ukrenergopostach” is a reliable supplier of electric motors, components and spare parts for transporting products and lifting industrial equipment. Thanks to the strict fulfillment of its obligations and the excellent quality of the supplied products, the company has gained a good reputation among partner enterprises and consumers of its products. In “Ukrenergopostach” you can always buy electric motors, phase rings and controllers at very affordable prices.

Product range

The devices and designs presented in the catalog of the company are distinguished by reliability, increased safety, and excellent performance characteristics. Among them:

  • Electric motors of the SMH and ARRK series with a phase rotor from a German manufacturer. They have different power settings. They are used in the mechanisms of rotation, lifting and departure of the boom of portal cranes “Albatross”, “Sokol”, “Albrecht”, “Condor”, etc.
  • Ring phase current collectors of the E and H series. Serve for the transmission of an electrical circuit between fixed and rotating elements of engines. They are installed on lifting portal equipment.
  • Controllers. They allow you to control the reach of the boom, the operation of cargo winches and the rotation of the crane in a given direction. Designed for installation on several types of gantry cranes.

How to order electric motors, phase rings and controllers with delivery in Ukraine and Europe

In lifting, transporting equipment, you cannot do without electric motors and components. The company offers interested customers reliable devices, elements of their designs.

Varieties of units, nodes, control modules of portal cranes that you can buy from us:

  • SMH, ARRK class electric motors;
  • ring phase current collectors;
  • controllers.

Equipment and components are used for installation on portal cranes of various types. The devices have increased safety, a long period of operation in standard modes. You can purchase guaranteed high quality electric motors, phase rings and controllers in Odessa and other cities by contacting the company manager or by filling out an online application. We will take into account all your wishes, and we will be able to choose the most optimal option for you.

Features of gantry crane motors

Electric motors act as actuators. They turn on at the command of the operator and perform the following operations:

  1. perform crane turns;
  2. change the reach of an arrow;
  3. lift the load.

Both types of electrical units are with a phase rotor and are supplied from a German manufacturer. They have different parameters of power, number of revolutions per minute.

Ring phase current collectors

Reliable electrical units of the E and H series. Products are used to transfer electric current from stationary elements of electrical circuits to rotating equipment components. Installed on gantry type lifting equipment.

Controllers for gantry cranes

Modular equipment consists of two devices. As a set, they allow you to manage the following processes:

  1. work of cargo winches;
  2. boom control;
  3. turning the crane in the required direction.

The devices are designed for installation on several types of gantry cranes.