Pantographs, resistance boxes and spare parts for them

Spare parts to load resistances

Resistance plates №10/№16/№24

Resistor block

Mica insulator 600x16.5x12.5

Insulator D35.5хd16.5х17.5 ceramics

Boxes of resistance

Box of starting resistances p/c "Sokol" 3*C37

Block of starting resistances p/c "Sokol"

Resistor box C*37

Resistor boxes supplied (resistor blocks) by UkrEnergoPostach are used to drive and brake electric motors of the SMH and ARRK types, as well as to adjust their speed.

Токоприёмники портальных кранов

Pantograph Schleifring Korper E F.KSTS

Pantograph E 7x200 Schleifring Koerper AUSF G.

Ring pantograph E 28x200-7x400

Current collectors of cranes “Albatross”, “Albrecht”, “Sokol”, “Condor”, “Ganz” are designed to supply direct current with voltage up to 220V and alternating current with voltage up to 380V, frequency 50Hz from a stationary source to the moving parts of turning and rotating mechanisms of cranes .

Current pullers, slip rings, insulators

Insulator A 22x28

Insulator B 22x21

Insulator B 22x28

Hexagon tube 6 - KT

Contact ring 200KPL

Contact ring 342KPL

Tube 17x21x1000

Current collector EGBS 402-3 assy

The equipment offered to users and replacement parts for it are of high quality, designed for long-term operation. Products are installed on portal cranes, other lifting installations or in units where they are compatible in design and technical parameters.

Varieties of devices, SZCH

In the catalog, visitors to the online page will be able to purchase the following components:

  • resistance boxes;
  • current collectors;
  • SZCh to load resistances;
  • insulators;
  • current pullers;
  • contact rings.

Separate products and components are manufactured in accordance with the norms and requirements of standards. The specifications for the products indicate their exact technical characteristics and applications.

Resistance Boxes

The section contains block modules, the main purpose of which is to control the operation of ARRK, SMH electric motors. The devices actuate the connected units, adjust the speed of rotation of the shaft. At the operator’s command, the electric motors are braked.


Products are represented by the following modifications:

  • Schleifringkoerper E;
  • E 28x;
  • Schleifringkoerper AUSFG.

They are used to supply electricity, alternating 380V and direct 220V electric current, from fixed structural elements to those functioning in motion. They are installed in the electrical circuit of portal cranes, other equipment, if compatible.

It is not difficult to choose the necessary SZCH, block module or pantograph if it is necessary to replace the exact analogue. In case of doubts about the compatibility of various parts, assemblies, devices, the client will be able to get professional advice from experienced specialists.