Components and spare parts for electrical equipment of portal cranes

We have a huge selection of electrical equipment for portal cranes such as “Sokol”, “Condor”, “Albatross”. We also sell various technical rubbers and adhesives for the repair of conveyor belts. All of our products are of the highest quality and meet the most stringent safety standards.

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Gantry cranes are widely used in active cargo transshipment points. Structures and equipment are reliable, but over time, the impact of adverse factors, they can fail, create an emergency. To prevent such cases, it is necessary to regularly conduct inspections, routine maintenance, and eliminate emerging defects. To do this, you need to have in stock the appropriate parts, assemblies, assemblies.

Varieties of accessories for gantry cranes

The catalog contains high-quality electrical products of the following types:

  • replaceable spare parts for equipment, working electrical units;
  • block control modules;
  • electric motors;
  • controllers, pantographs and other materials, SZCh.

All of the above are supplied by reliable manufacturers, which guarantee the long-term operation of their products under standard operating conditions.

Features of replacement of spare parts of portal cranes

During the operation of the crane, it is possible to avoid restoration technical work only by completely replacing it. Economically, this is not rational. Perform repairs more efficiently and extend the life of your equipment. To do this, it is enough to order spare parts, components and assemblies on the website.

If they are in stock, restoring the functionality of the portal crane will not take much time. Order right now the necessary analogues. By receiving the products, you can always avoid long downtimes that result in financial losses in your business.