Supply of materials and tools for the repair and maintenance of the conveyor

Most large industrial enterprises are equipped with conveyor belts. With their help, goods are transported from one site to the workshop to another, or between workshops. A significant part of the conveyor, in addition to the tape, are the drive drums. The entire production process, its timing and the quality of the products depend on the correctly selected and installed conveyor, on its continuous supply of products.

To extend the life of the conveyor, it is recommended to inspect and, if necessary, repair or replace components and consumables in time.

Adhesives, adhesives and mortars for the repair of conveyor belts by cold vulcanization and drum lining

The cold vulcanization process is used everywhere when it is necessary to restore the integrity of rubber products. Also, this method is actively used in the repair of conveyor belts. Cold vulcanization is convenient in that it does not require additional heating of the elements, this process is carried out quickly and helps to significantly extend the life of the conveyor.

The only condition for carrying out the necessary repairs is the use of proven consumables: adhesives and solutions. If all conditions for repair are met and high-quality compounds and components are used, then the repaired conveyor will work for a long time without any complaints.

Cold curing materials are capable of:

  • connect conveyor belts;
  • restore tape integrity;
  • gumming metal surfaces (drum lining).

Our company is engaged in supply and sale of glue, adhesives and solutions for repairing conveyor belts, produced by industry leaders. All products are certified and of high quality. If you are looking for where to buy high-quality adhesive for cold vulcanization, then you have come to the right address!

In addition to adhesives and solutions, the most popular material for repairs is special rubber.

Lining and sealing rubber for the repair of conveyor belts and drum linings

lining of drive drums is recommended to prevent slippage of the conveyor belt on the drum. You should also monitor the condition of the tape itself. Lining is carried out using lining rubber. The process itself resembles the protective finish of equipment elements. It allows you to give parts of the conveyor additional strength and wear resistance, significantly increase the service life. Also, protective rubber prevents the drum from the penetration of dust and moisture, thereby protecting it from corrosion and possible destruction.
When covering the drums with sealing rubber, you can achieve maximum adhesion between the belt and the drum. This will allow the belt to move without delays and jams, without causing unnecessary deformation and bumps. Lining rubber is supplied in the form of slips. Their size and thickness depends on the production process at the enterprise. The quality of work and the service life of the conveyor depend on the correctly selected materials for repair. Types of rubber products
  • Sealing, thickness can be: 20, 25, 30 mm;
  • Rubber profile plate available: 8, 10, 12, 20 mm;
  • Ceramic-reinforced, rubber plates available in thickness: 12mm and 15mm;
  • Smooth: 8, 10, 12, 20mm
The choice of plate thickness depends on the available gap, on the installed drums and on the process itself. Here you can always buy high-quality rubber for the repair of conveyor belts and lining of drums conveyor at direct supplier prices. All products meet the most stringent standards and have all the necessary certificates.

Tools and accessories for the repair and maintenance of conveyor belts and drum linings

Proper maintenance and care of conveyor belts is the key to profitability and production efficiency. Enterprises do not have enough time to repair equipment. The way out of this situation is to use the right tools for repair. Modern devices help in a short time to restore the efficiency of the equipment and extend its service life.

Most popular belt and drum repair tools:

  • Extruder gun;
  • Knife-cleaner (scraper) of the conveyor belt;
  • Sanding discs

One of the indispensable tools for conveyor repair is Extruder gun. With its help, workers produce “sticking” joints, holes and other defects. The principle of operation of the gun is to process plastic (which is put into the gun) into a special adhesive, melt. Its device is clear and easy to use. The gun has a thermal control function, which allows you to maintain the temperature of the material at the required level, which prevents the composition from premature solidification.

No less necessary for enterprises are ceramic and polyurethane conveyor scrapers. The conveyor belt must always be clean, free from foreign debris and dust.

This scraper allows you to clean the belt properly without damaging it. Ceramic coating does not scratch the tape, it is durable.

The cleaner itself is convenient and safe to use.

At any enterprise, sooner or later, there is a technological deterioration of equipment. Natural abrasion and deformation of parts occurs even if all the rules and regulations for the operation of the equipment are observed. When equipment fails, downtime is inevitable. But you need to understand that downtime can be significantly reduced by using tools, components and consumables from reliable suppliers. High-quality consumables will help you not only get back to work faster, but also avoid problems in the future, increase production and reduce the percentage of scrap.
Everything you need to repair conveyor belts from a direct supplier!

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Ukrenergopostach ltd is engaged in professional repair of conveyor belts and lining of driving drums of conveyors throughout Ukraine. An accompanying line of professional activity is the supply of the necessary tools, components and devices for the repair and maintenance of conveyors.

We can buy at the best prices:

  • Adhesives, adhesives and solutions, including TP100 two-component cold vulcanizing adhesive;
  • lining and sealing rubber for repairing conveyor belts and drum linings;
  • Extruders-glue guns, grinding discs;
  • conveyor belt cleaner knives (conveyor scrapers): ceramic and polyurethane.