Contactors, contacts and cameras

ES and S-IDx series contactors

Air contactor ES100/3 Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor ES160/3 Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor ES250/3 Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor ES400/3 Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor ES630/3 Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Contactor ISKRA KO-31E Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Contactor ISKRA KO-44E Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor K-ID1 25A Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor S-ID6 160A Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor S-IDx23 60A Uкат.220V/50Hz

Air contactor S-IDx31 63A Uкат.220V/50Hz

Air contactor S-IDx41 110A Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Air contactor S-IDx43 130A Uкат. 220V/50Hz

Contactors of the ES series are used in mechanisms operating with high loads: heavy lifting devices, portal cranes, including railway cranes of the RDK type and excavators. K-ID series contactors; S-ID; S-IDX are used in low voltage circuits.

They are suitable for direct switching of asynchronous motors, as well as starting devices for other types of motors. A special version of these contactors, marked with the symbol S-IDX, is used to switch power capacitors. 220V 40A

Crane type:

  • s/c “Sokol”,
  • s/c “Albatross”,
  • s/c “Ganz”,
  • s/c “Condor”,
  • s/c “Kirovets”,
  • s/c “Albrecht”

Power contact elements

Contacts ES 100 (set)

Contacts ES 160 (set)

Contacts ES 250 (set)

Contacts ES 400 (set)

Contacts ES 630 (set)

Contacts S-ID1 (K-ID1) (set)

Contacts S-ID6 (K-ID6) (set)

Contacts S-IDx23 (K-ID2) (set)

Contacts S-IDx31 (K-ID3) (set)

Contacts S-IDx41 (K-ID4) (set)

Arc chutes and electromagnetic coils

Contactor coil ES 100 U cat. 220V

Contactor coil ES 250 U кат. 220V

Contactor coil ES 160 U кат. 220V

Contactor coil ES 400 U кат. 220V

Contactor coil ES630 Uкат. 220V

Contactor coil ID1 Uкат. 220V

Contactor coil ID2 Uкат. 220V

Contactor coil ID3 Uкат. 220V

Contactor coil ID4 Uкат. 220V

Contactor coil ID6 Uкат. 220V

Contactor coil ES100

Contactor coil ES160

Contactor coil ES250

Contactor coil ES40

Contactor coil ES630

In the catalog section, devices used in equipment operated with increased loads. Products are installed in lifts, cranes, excavators. On the catalog page, site visitors will find the following types of devices, components:

  1. contactors;
  2. electromagnetic coils;
  3. power contacts;
  4. Arc extinguishing chambers
  5. Products are reliable, for long-term use in daily use under high loads.
Varieties of contactors

Model ranges of products are presented by the following series:

  • ES;
  • SID;
  • KID;
  • S-IDX.

All devices of the air version, except for models of the closed type ISKRA KO. Low voltage electrical circuits use the S-ID series; K-ID; S-IDX. Installed in electrical circuits for direct switching of asynchronous motors. Used as a starting device for other types of electric motors. Specialized S-IDX models use power capacitors as switches.

Power contact elements

Components for switches are presented in several options. As part of a set of power contacts, there are from several elements for one node to the contact group of the entire device. Spare parts allow you to quickly restore the functionality of the switches.

Contactor coils

Product models are selected in accordance with the parameters of the device where they will be installed. Electrical spare parts allow you to quickly replace the coil in case of failure. The presence of an analogue will allow, if necessary, not to waste time on ordering, delivery of a new element.