Switches and relays

Switches for gantry cranes

Limit switch SNS 007

Used instead of discontinued SN 25 switch

Limit switch SpA 1,1H 2PG

Switch impulse GWA 2R

Switch impulse GWU 1D

Roller switch Е-25 220V 50/60Hz

Switch (pedal) GWU1-F

Switch ABB AGVL 41 (limit switch)

Spindle end switch SN25 - G5

Spindle limit switch SNS806 (SN-10)

Magnetic station switch 4G16-5012U

The switches are designed to limit the lifting and lowering of the rope, to limit the outreach of the boom on portal cranes Sokol, Albatross, Condor, Albrecht. They switch AC and DC control circuits. They are driven by the rotating parts of the mechanisms with which they are connected by means of gears, chains or clutches.

The relay is used to adjust the speed of rotation of the motor shaft, travel blocking, etc. on portal cranes Sokol, Albatross, Condor, Albrecht.

Relay for gantry cranes

Adapter 2TZ05+2RH30

Time relay 2TZ05

Thermal relay S-IR1/1

Relay R-15b

Time relay RZ aw 6e 0.6 - 5.0s

Relay neutral 2RH01 220V DC

Relay neutral 2RH30 220V AC

Zero speed relay BDW 2 - 150n

Thermal protection relay TSG 1

Thermal relay S-IR4/1

Selsyn p / c "Sokol"

The operating conditions of cargo cranes require the presence of limiters and regulators of various technological processes in the equipment. For such purposes, special devices are used in electrical circuits.

Types of limiters, regulators

The range of the catalog includes the following types of products:

  • relay;
  • switches;
  • switches;
  • adapters;
  • selsyns.

Various types of relays are used to control the speed of rotation of the rotor of the electric motor, blocking the stroke and other similar processes.

Adjustment devices

According to the principle of operation, the catalog contains the following types of relays:

  • time;
  • thermal;
  • neutral;
  • thermal protection;
  • zero speed.

Time relays operate with a certain frequency set by the operator. Thermal models protect electric motors from overheating. The neutral relay makes disconnections, inclusions at giving, disappearance of electricity.

Limiters in lifting equipment

When the moving elements of the crane structure reach the limit positions, special switches are used to provide protection. The limiters in the catalog are represented by the following types of devices:

  • rings;
  • impulse;
  • spindle;
  • pedal;
  • roller.

Switches are used when limiting the lifting, lowering of cargo cables. They are installed at the limit positions of the boom. Products perform a protective function, prevent the occurrence of emergency situations when the moving elements reach the limit limits.