Materials and tools for the repair of conveyor belts and lining

The service life of a conveyor belt depends on its quality characteristics, the correct selection corresponding to the operating conditions and on the maintenance of the system. Tools and materials for repair and maintenance of conveyor belts will help extend the life of the belts and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Glue, adhesives and liquids for the repair of conveyor belts by cold vulcanization and lining of drums

FA Compound two-component A and B

Adhesive glue
metal - rubber TP200

Two-component cold vulcanizing adhesive TP100

TP300 4 Piece Conveyor Belt Repair Kit

Lining and sealing rubber for the repair of conveyor belts and drum linings

Sealing rubber (20, 25 and 30mm)

Rubber plate reinforced with ceramics (12 and 15mm)

Profiled rubber plate (8, 10, 12 and 20mm)

Smooth rubber plate (8, 10, 12 and 20mm)

Tools and accessories for the repair and maintenance of conveyor belts and drum linings

FA Extruder gun 1600W

Tungsten carbide grinding discs

You can order the execution of work on joining and repair of conveyor belts at our enterprise. It is possible to leave the brigade to carry out work directly at the facility anywhere in Ukraine and Europe.

During the operation of load-carrying conveyor belts, their drive drums, equipment, technological wear and tear is inevitable, failure due to unforeseen circumstances. Even if all the recommendations are followed, the time comes when it is necessary to carry out repairs, lining the surfaces of moving devices. For these purposes, special products are used.

The assortment of the catalog includes the following special substances and tools:

  • glues, solutions, compounds, adhesives;
  • sealing, lining rubber;
  • gun extruder;
  • grinding discs.

The materials are designed for reliable vulcanization, cold or hot, of various types of conveyor belts, lining of drive drums. These products allow you to restore the efficiency of the conveyor transporting goods in a short time.

Service of load-carrying equipment

With our own repair teams, qualified specialists, our customers will be able to purchase high-quality consumables. Products are certified and comply with regulatory requirements. For enterprises where there are no replacement teams in the state, the company offers the services of its specialists. A professional team will arrive promptly on site to perform maintenance or troubleshooting of conveyor belts. Specialists will professionally perform the lining of drive drums. Our specialists work throughout Ukraine and Europe. Departure of specialists to foreign countries to the location of the facility is possible.

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