Lining of driving drums of the conveyor

Lining of belt conveyor drums is the gluing of special lining plates to its surface. Rubber coating has the most positive effect on all performance indicators of conveyors – lining plates reduce the likelihood of slipping, slipping and sticking of the tape, therefore, the service life of the equipment is extended.

The lining helps to stabilize the straightness of the run, protect against corrosion and abrasive wear (for example, from contact with the surface of the drum of transported materials), increases the coefficient of friction with the conveyor belt and reduces its wear rate.

How is the lining of the drive drum of the belt conveyor

The lining process consists of seven important steps:

  1. Preliminary preparation of the working surface of the drive drum. Surface treatment is carried out using an angle grinder to a depth of 30 microns, A rough surface is needed for better adhesion to the primer
  2. The next step is to clean the surface to be prepared from various contaminants. To remove grease and other contaminants, special cleaning agents are used that do not adversely affect the equipment.
  3. Primer application. The exposure time of the primer (primer) is selected depending on the temperature conditions.
  4. Apply adhesive to bond rubber and metal.
  5. Glue lining rubber on the drum rim.
  6. Sealing the butt gaps of the lining. Gaps can be filled with rubber using an extruder or by layering.
  7. Processing butt gaps.

At the end of the lining process, the drums of belt conveyors are securely packaged and sent to the client for subsequent installation on the conveyor.

Rubber-ceramic lining of the drive drum of the belt conveyor

Rubber-ceramic drum lining is made from a large number of ceramic elements, as well as rubber, which has not undergone a vulcanization process. This method of lining the conveyor drums is an opportunity to increase the service life of equipment that is operated in conditions of increased dampness and pollution.

The length and shape of the lining depends on the dimensions of the ceramic plates. The plates prevent the process of accumulation of dirt between the belt and the drum, drain water, and also increase the adhesion to the belt, thus preventing shifting and possible slippage of the conveyor belt.

The difference in drum diameters can be partly compensated for by adjusting the height of the ceramic lining.

Rubber-ceramic lining plates are welded onto tension and return tracks, electric drums and belt conveyor drums with a diameter of at least 300 mm.

Benefits of liners for conveyor drums

One of the main advantages of conveyor lining is that rubber plates:

  • They perform the function of removing water and various contaminants through special grooves made during the manufacturing process. This results in virtually no dirt build-up between the conveyor belt and the drive drum.
  • Contribute to the protection of the drum from the effects of negative external factors: corrosion and deformation from water and various aggressive substances.

The lining is an opportunity to prevent a whole series of possible problems in the operation of the equipment.

Lining materials

Ukrenergopostach ltd offers a wide range of modern and high-quality materials for lining drive drums used in diverse climatic and technological conditions:

  • Corrugated rubber for lining drums. Can be covered with a diamond-shaped or round profile.
  • Smooth rubber for lining drums. Designed for installation on deflecting drums that operate under intense and peak loads.

Thickness of corrugated and smooth rubber for lining of drums is in the range from 6 mm to 15 mm. It is important to note that rubber for lining drums is highly resistant to tearing, but its properties can vary greatly, so the selection is made depending on the operating conditions. There are also a variety of combined rubber-ceramic lining plates on sale, which have successfully proven themselves in the most difficult working conditions (up to extreme water cut).

Professional lining of conveyor drive drums in Odessa and throughout Ukraine

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