Electric brushes MG410 and brush holders

Electric brushes MG410 and EG41

Electric brush 8х25х20/MG433 (offset)

Electric brush 8х25х20/MG433

Electric brush 12,5х20х32/EG680

Electric brush EG41 25х32х64

Electric brush MG410 8x10x25

Electric brush MG410 8x16x25

Electric brush MG410 8x20x32

Electric brush MG410 12,5x16x25/32

Electric brush MG410 12,5x20x32

Electric brush MG410 12,5х25х32

Electric brush MG410 15х35х50

Electric brush MG410 16х32х40

Electric brush MG410 20х25х40

Electric brush 12,5x25x32/EG676

The MG410 electric brushes are used to transmit electric current to the rotating units of electric motors in portal cranes such as Sokol, Condor, Albatross, Albrecht.

Brush holders for electric motors with slip rings. Cast and sheet metal constructions, installed with slip rings of various diameters, with/without pressure adjustment, with/without phase connection.

brush holders

Brush holder 2f-16x12,5-20-52-23,5

Brush holder 2h 20x12,5-20-54-23,5

Brush holder 2f-25x12,5-20-52-23,5

Brush holder 2h 25x20-25-62,5-26

To transmit electric current to the rotating elements of electric motors, electric brushes with holders are used. Products manufactured by the manufacturer may be of various modifications.

Types of electric brushes in portal cranes

The catalog contains model ranges of products of the following types:

  • metal graphite, MG;
  • electrographite, EG;
  • holders.

In the assortment, all brushes are equipped with a current-carrying non-insulated, ordinary flexible wire. The cross section of the conductor depends on the current load. A tip is installed on the end opposite to the brush. It has a hole for connecting the product to the mains. The wire is connected to the body of the brush in one of the following ways:

  • K, caulking;
  • P, soldering;
  • P, flared;
  • Z, by pressing in.

You can find out about the connection method by the letter indicated in the product labeling. All models of brushes are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of standards.

Features of current collectors

Products are installed in places of power transmission, on collectors. The quality of the brush determines the reliability of the motor. The current collection assembly should be checked regularly. If necessary, change the brushes in a timely manner. In case of improper contact, sparking occurs, there is an increased wear of the element in contact with the collector.

To avoid an accident, it is necessary to replace the brushes in a timely manner. The contact group during maintenance is checked completely. It is better to replace all elements at the same time, despite uneven wear. Spare parts should be purchased well in advance to avoid equipment downtime while waiting for delivery.