Reliable assistant - portal crane GANZ

“Ganz” refers to the portal type of cranes, the production is carried out by the ship-crane plant in Budapest. This crane is recognized as the best in the world, it has earned this title thanks to the engineering solutions that are taken on it in the process of loading and unloading operations in ports and warehouses. It should also be noted that the crane was carefully designed according to all quality standards.

Specialists who work directly with this technique confidently assure that the lifting mechanism is very reliable. Regardless of whether it is a sea port or a river port, it must always be equipped with a portal crane and in most cases it is the Ganz that is installed in the ports. Only specialists from Ganz are authorized to install their own brand of gantry crane. The technique is not difficult to use, all you have to do is monitor the units and at least sometimes look at the user manual

Cranes from GANZ are equipped with a total of three electric motors, 2 are responsible for movement, lifting loads and closing the bucket with a load, and 1 is responsible for the swivel mechanism and the length of the boom. They are powered by a current of 380 volts. Swivel mechanisms move vertically, mechanisms responsible for movement horizontally. Electric actuators installed in the crane are controlled by a controller. Grab-mounted winches are used with a special differential setting.

Electric motors from the GANZ company are equipped with protection against short circuit, in the form of fuses. The motors have a double type of protection, general and individual. At certain points of the mechanism, switches are specially installed, the purpose of which is to limit the operation of these mechanisms.

A distinctive feature of the GANZ portal crane is its high efficiency. During operation, the crane operator can use both the clamshell bucket and the hook. The crane also has a special energy recovery system. Due to its reliability and long service life, the GANZ gantry crane has gained such popularity, and most likely will continue to do so for many years.

Last Aspects

Until 1991, the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics acquired over five thousand four hundred Hungarian gantry cranes from GANZ in the process of mutual assistance, most of the cranes are still in use by the ports of the countries of the former USSR, warehouses, ship repair and shipyards around the globe.

No matter how good the technique is, age spares no one and GANZ cranes are no exception. Not a single crane will be able to work properly for 50 years, even if all units are serviced and replaced on time. Even under the most severe conditions of use, Ganz cranes can withstand 3 years, at an average rate of operation they will last 5 years, this is their maximum period of quality work.