Conveyor belt centering is an important factor for trouble-free operation

Many years of experience in the use of conveyor systems has shown that the convergence or displacement of the working web, which is the main cause of their failures, is caused by a misalignment. The reasons for the deviation from the center of the moving element can be different.

Deviations may occur when:

  • Moving at high speed.
  • Existence of turning sections on the road.
  • Mistakes made when installing drums and idlers.

Damage to an expensive traction and load-carrying body often causes a lateral descent of the conveyor belt. And this can lead to emergency and dangerous situations.

The centering of the conveyor belt provides for the adjustment of the working strip with the help of special adjusting rollers installed instead of conventional roller bearings. The main distinguishing feature of such a control device is the presence of two frames, one of which is fixed and fixes the central roller, and the other has a movable structure with side rollers. It is attached to the central roller.

If the web moves in a straight line, then the control rollers in this case simply support it like ordinary roller supports. But if there is a lateral displacement of the canvas, the pressure on one of the hinged rollers increases, shifting it and tilting it towards the lane exit. In this case, the adjusting roller allows you to maintain the correct centering at all times, correcting the movement of the belt on the turning sections.

Keeping the conveyor belt in the correct position during movement not only prevents it from lateral descent, but also eliminates equipment downtime that could occur in this case. Thanks to the use of a self-adjusting device, the productivity of the equipment is greatly increased, the amount of spillage is limited and the spread of dust-forming material is significantly reduced, the edges of the belt are protected from damage, drums and rollers from forced wear.

Before installing the rollers for centering the conveyor belt, it is very important to correctly determine the cause of the descent of the working canvas and try to eliminate them.

Reasons can be:

  • Distortion of the position of roller bearings and drums.
  • Side loading onto the material conveyor.
  • Violation of the geometry for the longitudinal conveyor axis.
  • The skews that were made during the procedure for splicing the edges of the conveyor belt.

The centering of the conveyor belt is included in the range of services provided for the maintenance of conveyors and is carried out during its installation. TOV NVP “Ukrenergopostach” is engaged in the supply of components for industrial conveyors, including control rollers for centering conveyor belts. The company also provides service support.

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