Spindle limit switch SNS 007


Rated voltage – 380/660 VAC

Rated current – 25 A

Current frequency – 50 Hz

Cross section of connecting wire – 2.5 bis 6 mm²

Maximum number of toggle elements – 6

Field of application – AC- 25 A/ 380 V

Degree of protection:

  • enclosures – standard version IP 54, special version IP 56 and IP 66
  • switch mechanism – IP 00 connections, IP 40 contacts

Weight – 12 kg

Warranty life – 100,000 switching cycles

Response speed – maximum 120 rpm, minimum 5 rpm

Variable spindle speed – 50

Shaft revolutions – 15

Trip torque – 9 Nm when switching operation is activated

Shift angle without safety chain – 20° +/-5°

Switching angle with safety chain – 45° +/-5

Operating temperature – from -30 °C to +80 °C

Position of use – any

Cross section of connecting cable – 4 x M 30 x 2

Spindle limit switch SNS 007 air-operated built-in breakers


Spindle limit switches of the SNS 007 series can be used as safety limit switches in main current and control circuits, for limiting rotational movements (safety limit switch or operating limit switch), as an electrical interlock or as an alarm. They are particularly suitable for devices in which there is a hard feedback between the rotation of the actuator and the required limitation.

Areas of application are primarily winches, hoists, sluice gates and travel stops, as well as transport devices for the extraction of raw materials used in extreme working environments and operating conditions.

How it works

The movable nut, which is guided in a protective housing, moves along a spindle driven by a motor. The travel of the sliding nut on the thread of the switching spindle is limited by 2 adjustable stops, which must be set before commissioning.

If the end position is reached, the travel nut runs over one of the stops and causes the switch to rotate. This rotational movement deflects the roller lever to the side, resulting in instantaneous shifting.

Switch device

  • Casted body
  • Cast aluminum housing cover
  • Threaded holes for cable guides
  • Infinitely variable spindle speed adjustment between end positions
  • Inertial operation of mechanical parts after turning off the drive motor
  • Combined Safe Torque Circuit
  • Individual cam actuated switching elements

Key Benefits

  1. Can be used as both an emergency switch and a work switch
  2. Sturdy design and high protection
  3. Easy replacement of toggle elements
  4. Easy circuit change by reconnecting switching cams.
  5. No special tools are required to adjust the nut and locknut.
  6. Switch operation is maintenance-free.

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